Lightness & Darkness

Photography: Kaela Noelle - Kilkay Images
Costume Designer : Jalisa Ocean
Hair: Dani Barnes
Taxidermy: Ramshakle
Sacred Geometry & Skull Metal Work: Peter Booth
Models: Dani Barnes, Barbie, Brianne Tweedle, Nessie
Make Up: M3 Artistry Melissa M Meretsky & Marcie Keren Brenton

Dancin' with Darkness.

Dancin with Darkness n' twistin through light,
there ain't no time to waste to fuss or to fight.
Smile, Laugh, Sing n' never waste the day,
each moments just a memory driftin' away.

Subtle sounds, tainted grounds o'cents ya don't need, 
the earth got everything but yer'll spoiled in greed.
It's not what you want, its more what you need,
the food that ya eat, and the air that you breath.

Unlocking the passages of the rusted gates,
out of the trunk your imagination escapes.

Out of the darkness and into the light.